Career Outlook

Chemical science and technology is a field with wide-ranging applications. Professionals with these skills can find work in areas like manufacturing, clean energy, waste management and remediation, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects strong growth for several job titles related to this field.

  Projected Growth Nationally (20182028) Projected Growth in Washington (20162026)
Chemists and material scientists 4% 10%
Medical scientists (excluding epidemiologists) 8% 19%
Biochemists 6% 14%

Strong Earning Potential

Professionals with skills in chemical science and technology are well compensated. Below are median and top salaries for these job titles, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Job Title Median Annual Salary Top Earners
Chemists $76,890 $133,180
Materials scientists $99,800 $159,970
Medical scientists (excluding epidemiologists) $84,810 $156,980
Biochemists $93,280 $177,680