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Master of Science in
Applied Chemical
Science & Technology

Full Time / 1-2 Years / Seattle

Join the Next Generation of Chemical Scientists 

Chemistry is at the center of so many scientific breakthroughs today.

Advanced tools in chemical science and technology — including new ways to acquire chemical data and quantitative informatics to analyze that data and extract useful information — have led to discoveries in biotech, pharmaceuticals, clean energy and more.

The new Master of Science in Applied Chemical Science & Technology at the University of Washington will teach you how to harness these tools for real-world problem solving and scientific advancement.


Xiaosong Li, professor of chemistry and co-director of the Master of Science in Applied Chemical Science & Technology program, explains how the program teaches students to use advanced technology and tools for scientific discovery.

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Get Advanced Training

Earn your degree in just one year — or pursue a second year on the thesis track, where you’ll apply what you’ve learned to a departmental and/or industry-sponsored project.

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Prepare for In-Demand Jobs

Gain the skills you need for applied chemistry jobs in fields such as manufacturing, biotech and pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, and waste management and remediation.

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Study a Cutting-Edge Curriculum

Learn the latest in chemical instrumentation and cheminformatics, including chemical separation techniques, analytical electrochemistry and mass spectrometry, and analytical spectroscopy.

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Do Hands-On Research

Gain real-life experience with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and techniques, and actively participate in cutting-edge research in a range of chemistry areas as part of collaborative and creative team.

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