Degree Requirements

To earn your degree on the 36-credit non-thesis track, you must complete:

  • 18 credits of core courses (6 courses)
  • 6 credits of other 500-level CHEM courses (2 courses)
  • 3 credits of seminars (3 seminars)
  • 9 credits of graduate research (CHEM 600)

To earn your degree on the 48-credit thesis track, you must complete the requirements above, plus:

  • Take at least 12 graduate research with thesis credits (CHEM 700)
  • Write a thesis that meets the satisfaction of your primary advisor and submit the thesis to the graduate school
  • Successfully defend the thesis before your primary advisor and two other faculty members

Core Courses

Core courses are offered on the schedule below. You'll choose six courses from the list below. Each course is three credits each.

Autumn Quarter

CHEM 521: Analytical Electrochemistry

CHEM 528: Bioinstrumental Analysis

CHEM 529: Chemical Separation Techniques

CHEM 541: Data Science and Materials Informatics

Winter Quarter

CHEM 522: Atomic & Molecular Analytical Spectroscopy

CHEM 526: Instrumental Analysis

CHEM 542: Materials and Device Modeling

CHEM 565: Computational Chemistry

Spring Quarter

CHEM 524: Analytical Mass Spectrometry

CHEM 525: Meso & Microfluidics in Chemical Analysis

CHEM 543: Big Data for Materials Science

CHEM 567: Computers in Data Acquisition & Analysis


Seminars are offered in autumn, winter and spring quarters. You are required to earn three seminar credits. Each seminar is one credit.

  • CHEM 590: Seminar in General Chemistry
  • CHEM 592: Seminar in Analytical Chemistry
  • CHEM 593: Seminar in Organic Chemistry